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Love teaching? Digital Project Management Instructor Wanted

Teach one class, stay at your job, grow with us over time.

Remote, part-time contract position with opportunity for half to full-time

Hiring priority will go to misrepresented and underrepresented candidates. Even if you don’t think you have all the qualifications, you should still apply.

This summer, we’re seeking an energetic Digital PM Trainer with any of the following related experience or background:

  • digital strategist
  • technical PM
  • product manager
  • event/community manager
  • senior digital project management or producer

This person should love to teach, develop training materials, and share their knowledge about project and product management, people skills, and operations, training our students in digital PM. This is our PM manifesto.

This contract role starts part-time beginning in Winter 2022 (you’ll start with one class after shadowing an existing class) with the possibility to grow into a full-time contract or employment (4+ classes at once). You’ll have the freedom to choose when your cohorts are scheduled and work remotely while you train apprentices from all over the world. You’ll help us develop and refine curriculum, programming, and grow our thriving PM community while supporting our learners so we can continue to train the finest, most adaptable project leaders in the world.

What’s involved?

A high-level summary of what you’ll be doing each week.

  • Once a week you’ll be doing a three-hour video session with your class of up to six apprentices from around the world where you deliver our project management curriculum, evaluate student progress, and check in on learner progress
  • Training and evaluation support: you’ll help monitor and evaluate students’ progress throughout training
  • One day of the week will be reserved lab hours (up to 2 hours) where students in Slack or on scheduled video calls can reach out to you for support on project related questions and get feedback from you and their peers; you may also run these labs as part of an agreed upon schedule with other trainers
  • You’ll be available for bookable 1:1 calls with students and sometimes their employers
  • You’ll liaise with the agency/organization’s point of contact and provide periodic updates and build alignment; you may support program evaluations for other trainers’ apprentices to maintain objectivity
  • You may provide additional consulting services to teams and clients
  • Minimum requirements: Access to a high-speed connection (greater than 25 Mbps), webcam, earphones, and reliable computer with two screens (Zoom requirements); access to tools like, Google Drive,,, and other PM tools (access provided)
  • Post pandemic: Available onsite (Vancouver, Canada) for yearly planning sessions

Trainer compensation

Compensation is tied to training experience and number of students you teach. Typically, this works out to $1333–2000 CAD/mo per cohort with a full-time role totalling 4+ cohorts. After a one-year probationary period, we will revisit the agreement to determine future commitment, membership qualifications, and compensation.

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  • Regular class breaks and flexible schedules
  • Possibility to grow new revenue streams and be fairly compensated
  • Eligibility for profit sharing after probationary period
  • Possibility to become a full-time employee and even owner at Louder Than Ten (we’re transitioning into a worker-owned cooperative)



  • Canadian resident or citizen (other countries will be considered second due to our cooperative structure requirements)
  • Lives in Central or Eastern Time zone (other timezones will be considered)

Hard PM skills

  • Senior or consultant level skillset in digital project management, digital producer, event/community management, strategy, OR technical project management
  • Has successfully experimented with Agile approaches; well versed in Lean and Waterfall too
  • Understands digital project lifecycle, latest technologies, principles, and approaches: lean PM, product design approaches, responsive design, rapid prototyping, digital style guides, content with design approach, UX design, people-centred design, design thinking, accessibility, ecommerce
  • Clear understanding of the following roles: ownership and executive responsibilities, sales, business analysis, development and/or account management, UX strategist, marketing strategist, research, content strategist, design, development, QA testing, social media (bonus: AI/AR/VR/Blockchain)
  • Ability to demonstrate a successful process for scoping and estimate digital projects (both apps and websites)
  • Comfortable liaising and negotiating with executive decision-makers, owners, clients, and team
  • Clear focus on people and communication (budgets and process fall in line when your PMs know how to support and nurture people)
  • Experienced with a range of PM apps and tools.
  • Experience documenting and editing process and/or curriculum
  • Detail-oriented and proactive

Teaching skills

  • Experience in public speaking, presenting, teaching, training, and/or delivering workshops
  • Expert communicator (written, verbal, aural); great listener, great delivery
  • Conflict resolution and facilitating tough conversations
  • Ability to simplify complex concepts and topics
  • Excellent people management skills; ability to deal with varying personalities/communication styles
  • Ability to cater to learners’ needs
  • Willingness and passion for learning
  • Deciphering future trends in tech and PM
  • Adaptable and flexible delivery that accommodates student needs

Soft (essential) skills

  • Loveable hardass: able to set and maintain direct and clear boundaries with grace
  • Committed to anti-racist, anti-oppressive, inclusive, restorative justice processes
  • Highly organized systems thinker
  • Effective time management
  • Great sense of humour; engaging teaching style
  • Emotionally intelligent
  • Highly empathic
  • Ability to prioritize
  • Process adaptable
  • Highly attentive to detail
  • Committed to self-improvement
  • Dedicated to lifelong learning

Additional nice to haves

  • Experience teaching, training, consulting with people in a professional setting
  • Knowledge of adult learning principles and approaches
  • Community management and growth experience
  • Supporting business development and Louder Than Ten product growth
  • Supports and shares content to elevate marketing initiatives
  • Experience or knowledge of design, technical or full-stack development

About us

We’re Louder Than Ten. We’re not like other project management training companies and this ain’t the PMP. We’re a worker-owned cooperative (actively transitioning) that creates digital project management curriculum for modern digital orgs and their people. And we put humans and democracy at work at the centre of everything we do. We strive to be an ethical, anti-racist, anti-oppressive, people-first company committed to equity and justice.

Apply for the job

Hit the button below and fill out the form with your personal site URL and/ LinkedIn page or resume, a brief history of your experience, and why you want to train with us, and we’ll reach out to learn more about you.

How the hiring process works

  • Vetting call: Quick 15 min call to assess fit
  • Panel interview 1: Successful candidates complete a 45 min interview with us and complete a skills assessment and teaching evaluation
  • Work sample review: We’ll review some of your work samples and speak with past teams and clients
  • Paid workshop: If you pass, you’ll then schedule and do a paid 1 hr lesson to demonstrate your expertise with our community
  • Reference check
  • Offer letter
  • Course shadowing/co-teaching
    • Once approved, training will consist of onboarding from our lead trainer
      • You’ll shadow one class and be paid for co-teaching at a half-rate as you learn our curriculum
    • Up to five hours commitment per week
    • Upon completion of training (min 3 mos), you’ll begin teaching your first class with trainer support as needed


Do we all teach the same thing? Is there a centralized curriculum?

You will teach the same foundational principles using our curriculum: the ethos and philosophies should align and you will use the session content much like a textbook you reference, but you can adapt your approach, create fun exercises, and tailor the style of your teaching in a way that improves it for all of us.

Do I get to help shape the curriculum, and future products and ideas that support the growth of Louder Than Ten’s programs?

We want our trainers to help us enhance and refine the curriculum since we believe that project management and ops are evolving disciplines best defined by the community. So you’ll have the ability to help refine the curriculum throughout the year.

How do vacations work? Do I have to find a teacher replacement?

We build in regular time off into the curriculum each year that lines up with most major holidays (so you can use that time to prep or can take time off).

If you want to take off a specific time period during the teaching year, you’re responsible for coordinating that with your class, or another trainer, and letting us know.

Is there an opportunity to do LT10 consulting for creative teams?

Yes, definitely. We offer a package that enables our trainers to also consult with owners, executives, and their teams. This would depend on your experience, skill, and comfort level. So you could teach a class and consult as well.

Can I eavesdrop on a class so I know how the format runs?

Yep, we’ll schedule you to teach a class or workshop, but you can also watch a recording of a past class to get a feel for how the classes are set up. You could also teach a special workshop with the students.

You mentioned having me demo teach a class or a workshop—would it be a real class or a simulation?

First you'll demo to us internally. If we hire you, you'll teach real folks in real courses: for example, we might ask you to teach a paid session on prioritization so you can demo the setup. We gather student and trainer feedback to do a formal evaluation with you to vet your skills.

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